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Buyers Guide

Below is a sequence of videos profiling all the aspects you need to bear in mind when purchasing your first table.

For full and indepth product advice, please contact one of are participating dealers

1. Strength and Stability

What numbers and why to look for to make sure your table does not collapse.

2. Foam Padding and Vinyl

What matters and why in terms of padding and upholstery composition


3. Reiki End Panels

An important characteristic if you are undertaking seated treatments now or in the future

4. Breathe Hole or Face Cradle

The definative guide which to go for and why!

5. Aluminium or Wooden construction

which one suits your treatments and style

6. Width of Massage Table

Easily the most controversial topic, here's our take on which is best!

7. Flat or Lifting back rest

Do you really need a table with a lifting back rest, it adds significantly to the weight.

8. Height Adjustment

It is impertitive you buy a table that adjusts in height, wood and aluminium tables adjust their height in different ways.

9. Weight

what is the maximum weight I need to be a mobile therapist

10. Choosing a supplier

Tricky questions to ask a supplier