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Frequently asked questions

Who are Therapy Essentials?

Therapy Essentials is part of Certikin International, a £25 million company of more than 40 years standing.  We offer the UK market leading Affinity range of professional massage equipment, accessories and onsite equipment.  In addition, we offer the Soothing Touch range of massage oils, creams and lotions - a prestigious US brand.

How do our students buy their equipment and claim their free accessories on this scheme?

Students should firstly register their card where they will receive a confimation code on their email. They should then call the participating dealer (listed on the front of the student price list and offers or on the dealer page) and provide the confirmation code along with the college they are studying at when they place their order.

How does our college earn points?

Each time a student contacts a participating distributor the sale is logged in our system.  Each item purchased generates points for your college to put towards free equipment.  A full list of the points available on the purchase of products is included on your Rewards Sheet.  Free accessories supplied to students do not qualify for points. 

If the college purchases equipment, do we earn points?

Yes, so long as the purchase is made through a participating distributor and your unique college code is quoted (listed on the front of all correspondence).

What type of equipment can I claim?

Every Therapy Essentials product, including massage tables, stools, sheets, oils and creams, can be claimed through the redemption of points.  The points required for each piece of equipment is listed on the Rewards Sheet.

How can I claim our free equipment?

When your college has accumulated enough points, select the item that you would like from the list and simply contact Lisa Bradley, our rewards coordinator, either by telephone on 01993 777223 or by email  For quick reference, please quote your unique college code when placing your request.

Most items are ex-stock, and delivery is normally carried out within two to three working days.

What happens if I think that a student’s purchase has been missed from our statement?

In the unlikely event of a qualifying purchase being missed off the statement, please contact Lisa Bradley with the student’s name, the participating distributor and the approximate date of shipment and we will check our systems.  We aim to resolve all queries within three working days.

 How will I know how many points our college has?

Each college will receive a quarterly statement sheet by email or post, indicating the points earned and redeemed in the previous quarter.  An example of this is enclosed in your introductory pack.  Between these statements, should you wish to check the number of points available, please contact our rewards coordinator Lisa Bradley.

Is there an expiry date on the points earned?

Points earned are valid for a period of 12 months i.e. Points earned in February 2009 must be used by February 2010.

I would like our students to see the equipment before purchase, can you do this?

Demonstrations can be arranged for your students.  If a participating dealer is not able to visit at the required time, we can arrange for demonstration items to be leant to the college for a short period to show to the students.  Please contact Lisa Bradley, our rewards coordinator to check distributor availability.



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