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Welcome to Affinity Advantage!

The UK’s only therapist related rewards scheme from the UK’s market leading therapy equipment supplier -Therapy Essentials.

Affinity Advantage is FREE and open to everyone who is in education training in all aspects of the healing arts as a student or tutor.

Students get:

  • Exclusive free upgrades
  • Top quality advice from experts
  • Quality equipment that will last

Colleges get:

  • Free equipment from our entire range
  • College visits from equipment experts
  • A website link from our directory
  • The best deal for students

The quality of any therapist’s equipment is so often overlooked especially at the beginning of a therapist’s career.

Making too many compromises in favour of cost can seriously curtail the way in which a therapist can work, where they work, the therapists long term health and the likelihood of that all important repeat customer!

Affinity Advantage makes quality advice the basis of the scheme, either by college demonstration or by talking to one of our highly experienced and respected participating dealers.

As an extra help to get you started, Affinity will give you free upgrades and accessories to go with your equipment.

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